Damaged Beyond Repair


Is it possible to become Damaged Beyond Repair?
We live in a society of wastefulness.  Something breaks, you toss it.  You get tired of something, you get rid of it.  What happened to items being valuable? At what point did we stop trying to fix things that are broken and just discard them instead?  Are things really irreparable or are we just lazy?

I took this picture of some shopping carts labeled “Damaged Beyond Repair” months ago while I was walking into Wal-Mart.  What caught my eye, even past the label, was that it has beer bottles, cans, and trash in it.  My mind immediately soared past the carts into life association.

So, let’s Life Associate for a while. Raise your hand if you’ve ever screwed up.  Me!  Major?  Uhhhh Huh…  Done some stupid stuff that you knew you shouldn’t have done? Right here!  More than once?  Yep… Did it get dark for you? Unfortunately.  Feel like life was out to get you?  Ummm… Yeah.  Bad luck?  Is there even such a thing as good luck?  Sound familiar?  I know I’m not the only one on this roll call list.

There was a time in my life when I felt like I screwed up past the point of forgiveness, past the point of repair, past the point of ever being loved again.  I thought I only deserved to have people in my life that screwed up just as bad as me, or worse.  How could anyone love me?  How would anyone ever trust me again?  Who would love someone who’s as broken as I’ve become?  Everyone messes up, but mine is HUGE.  I felt like I would never be myself again.  I was lost. Things became so foreign and empty for me.  I felt “Broken Beyond Repair”.

I wasn’t though.  It took someone with faith bigger than the faith I had lost in myself to get me pointed in the right direction.  Can people, ordinary people, repair us? Not really, but sort of… If you’re broken, you need a mechanic.  God is the Mechanic.  People are his tools.  Sometimes he uses friends, family, strangers, and situations as the necessary tools he needs to get work done.

If you are in the broken stage of life pay close attention to people extending themselves to you and to the events happening around you. You may not want help or you might feel embarrassed or ashamed that you need it.  But… What if God has put someone or something in your path that you push away and you miss an epic opportunity?  What if there’s so much better out there for you than what you think you deserve?  Think about how much more you appreciate repaired items than discarded items.  Take the initiative to make an appointment and finally get those repairs under control.  Change is work.  Work is good.  God is the ultimate mechanic.


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