Stop Looking at Me Swan

Swan Pic

“Shampoo is better.  I go on first and clean the hair.  Conditioner is better.  I leave the hair silky and smooth.  Oh really fool?  Really.  Stop looking at me swan!”

Billy Madison quote, circa 1995.  That was 21 years ago.  Yes… you read that right, 21 years.  WHAT??  So, what can we learn from this quote?  We can observe that Billy Madison was probably drunk or high when he said this, but we can also learn some valuable and deeper things too.  On the way to work this morning I thought of things that strengthen us, things that build us up.  Then I looked down at my hair and thought: “Ugh.  My hair is dry.  I need the layers freshened up.  I also need to start conditioning my hair better.  Then, I thought about how conditioner repairs damaged things.  That went into thinking about conditioning your body when it gets out of shape.  I was left thinking: “Wow, that’s good.  Conditioning your hair and body strengthens and repairs years of damage.  That’s kind of like what happens when we lose sight of our walk with God.”  My brain flooded with thoughts.  ADD is good for something, right?  Right??

Here’s an invitation into my brain.  You’re welcome.  We are dirty people.  Without shampoo our scalps would be dirt infested sweaty rat’s nests.  Speaking of…  Jeremy and I started letting the boys shower themselves a while back.  With that decision comes a great deal of trust.  The trust gets broken on occasion.  Boys are gross.  If you have boys I don’t need to explain the detail of smells and locations of super uncleanliness.  You know about it.  You’ve been there.  If you don’t have boys…  They’re walking, smelly, crusty, stink bombs.  So, Friday while rubbing Griffin’s head I felt a bump.  I did what any mother would do… inspected it!  Upon inspection, I saw so many foreign objects on his scalp and in his hair.  My face was frozen in disgust expression mode.  He failed the scrubbing test, so I had to show him how hair stylists get down on a scalp!  He needed a good shampooing, and he got it.

“Shampoo is better.  I go on first and clean the scalp”    

Let’s just take a look at shampoo.  What does it do?  You bring the glorious bottle of goodness into your life, home, shower, and you bask in its glory.  You choose to make shampooing your hair a routine whether it is daily, every other day, or more frequently.  Either way, you MAKE time for it because it is important to be clean.  Shampoo has cleansing agents that are powerful enough to wash away the dirt and buildup.  You lather your hair, let it do its thing, and then let the dirt and grime wash away into the drain.  Your hair is squeaky clean and smells nice!  Shampoo rocks, and so does God.  But, how do God and shampoo even remotely relate to one another?  I’m so glad you asked!  Our very being gets dirty and years of buildup and filth cover us.  It becomes too much to handle and clean up on our own.  That’s when God comes into our lives, while we are sinners, to clean and wash our sins away.  He is the only one who can do that job.  You have to choose to be clean either with shampoo or by God; it doesn’t “just happen” by itself.  There are some clear differences between God and shampoo though.  When you ask God to come into your life and cleanse you of your sins… that’s FREE!  Shampoo isn’t free.  Another difference in the two is that once you are saved, you are always saved.  That means once you have been cleansed of your sins you don’t have to repeat being saved over and over daily to cleanse yourself.  It is inexpensive and easy to bring God into your life.  Take into consideration the maintenance of your shampooing routine.  That’s a lot of work to stay clean.  Next time you’re washing your hair, think about how God handles the cleanliness of your soul for you so you don’t have to and how significant that is.

“Conditioner is better.  I leave the hair silky and smooth.”       

Conditioner isn’t a necessary step for some, but often a great addition.  Once your hair has been cleaned, you can choose to be done at that point.  No other steps are required.  You’ve been cleansed; conditioning is just a bonus.  Sometimes though, hair becomes hard to manage on its own, so adding conditioner to your routine helps to tame the beast of tangles.  It softens and smooths dry and unruly hair.  If you’ve had lighteners added at some point, they stripped your hair of natural oils and disrupted the shaft and its original make-up.  Weather and chemicals are harsh on your hair.  Maybe you just need a little extra TLC to revitalize your hair and restore it back to its original state.  Conditioner can be compared to God’s word.  Once cleansed by God, you aren’t required to do anything else.  You can just exist and be who you are.  Sometimes, we need some extra strength and repair in our lives that only the word of God can give us.  Knowledge is power.  Want softness of your heart, a shine to your soul, and strength to your mind?  Condition yourself with words from the Bible.  Your hair and being are given extra strength by hair conditioner and Bible conditioning.  When things come your way that causes potential damage, you will be stronger and better equipped to fight it off.  That’s a big deal.  You want power!  Feel the softness that conditioner provides after shampooing your hair.  Dig into the word of God some this week and see what kind of strength and softness it gives you.

 “Stop looking at me swan!”

Swan = Haters, Judgers, and people who think you’re crazy or try to bring you down.  Toss the swans aside and focus on the Shampoo and Conditioner.  That’s where it’s at!

Peace, Love, and Jesus,


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