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Hi world, it’s Robyn again!  Wednesday = Teen Life Post!  Mid-Week has now become one of my favorite times, and I get four of those each month!  In the spotlight today is another special chick, and that makes my heart super happy.  What makes today’s post a little different is that this girl isn’t someone I’ve known for a while.  She was referred to Teen Life by a friend of hers, and I think that’s cool.  This will be one of my more memorable posts because it’s not someone that I reached out to and asked to join.  It’s someone that found her way here regardless.  I firmly believe that we are all connected during specific times in our lives for a reason.  So, let’s unfold the first stage of this connection!

I’m slinging “Deep Purple” into the Teen Life mix today, and I’m not referring to the band from the 60’s and 70’s either but a real life girl.  When she first introduced herself to the group, these are the words she used to describe herself:  “I’m a psychological and deep person”.  To that I said:  “Welcome, you will fit in perfectly!”  Deep people feel every emotion to the “next level” or “to the extreme”.  I, myself, have always been a deep person, emotionally and mentally, so I’ve got your back Deep Purple.  I think the psychology and deepness go hand in hand personality wise.  Obviously, you can see why I chose the “Deep” part of her name, but what about the “Purple”?  Let’s get deep.  Purple isn’t a primary color, instead it is a combination of two primary colors (Blue and Red).  Blue is a “stable” color (in meaning) and has a cool property and red’s meaning is bold and fierce with a warm tone.  When you mix stability and boldness you get royalty, nobility, luxury, power, ambition, wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.  You get a tornado of emotions and personality by mixing a warm and cool color together.  While you might not “feel” all these emotions and personality traits yet Deep Purple, you have a whole life ahead of you to get real deep into these different aspects of yourself.  Plus, purple is near and dear to my heart, and purple rocks just like you!  Time to get deep within “Deep Purple’s” brain!


Teen life.  One word.  Go!

There is a purple trait for you to start this thing off with! 

Tell me about your typical day.

I get up, go to school, hang out with a few friends and have a great time in art.  Then I come home and talk to my boyfriend all day.

What are a couple of your hobbies?
Drawing, singing, playing video games, special effects makeup and writing

Special Effects Make-Up??  Can we do some zombie make-up together sometime?  It’s so much fun!

What do you do in your free time?

Write, talk to my boyfriend, or play video games.

What was your favorite toy as a child?

A Baby Doll

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Gulfshores, Alabama, because I miss home.

Pack me in a suitcase, and take me with you.  My soul belongs on the beach.

Do you like cupcakes?


Ummm…  Who doesn’t love cupcakes? 

What did you eat for breakfast?

I don’t eat breakfast

When I give the following colors say the first thing that comes to your mind using one word only.


Deep and dark

I just want to say that I named you before I even saw your answer to this color question!  What???  How cool is that?  There’s some affirmation there.






Beautiful color



What is your favorite song?

Lifeline -Kenny Holland

I had never heard of this song, but I listened to it and really like it.

What do you daydream about?

Being happy

Someone tells a few people a secret you confided in them about, and it spreads through the whole school.  What do you do or say?

I just keep to myself and let it transfuse from person to person until it diffuses itself.

See… there’s some more knowledge dropped from a teen that all adults out there could use.  Great advice. 

Do you think teenagers today have it too easy?

Rich teenagers, yes

Do you think teenagers today (including yourself) show enough respect toward Adults? Parents?  Teachers?  Brothers and sisters?

Why or why not?

Because the society we live in has taught us hatred and greed.  We take advantage of everything, and when something goes wrong we blame that thing or person because we can’t accept wrong doing.

YESSSSS!!!  Thank you.  Thank you.  Word.

What’s your stance on parents letting teenagers get tattoos?
It depends on the tattoo.  My aunt killed herself, and I’m getting a tattoo in remembrance.

I think that’s an awesome tribute to her life. 

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?  Why or why not?

No, because my mom is psycho and most of my friends agree she is a bad parent.  My dad left when I was very young.

If you could swap places with your parents for one day tell me what you would do differently as a parent.  What would your parents learn about your life?

I would understand their emotions, and know that I’m too strong.  I put up with a lot that no teenager should.

Do you have brothers and sisters?  What is your relationship with them like?

Yes, and we don’t talk anymore.  But one of my sisters and I agree on how we feel about our dad.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever faced?

Everyday life

How has bullying impacted you personally?
I live with it every day, and I’ve learned that no matter what I won’t be able to accept myself.

This is the reality of bullying people.  No matter how big or small the act of bullying is, it negatively impacts a person’s ability to accept themselves for the truly awesome person they really are.  Deep Purple, if not today, one day you will understand your worth.  No person but you owns that worth.  Never let any single person’s words gain more power than the power you hold.  Purple = Power.  Never forget that.  Use their words to fuel your power.  You may not be able to stop their words and actions, but you can control the penetration of it into your soul.  Sometimes it feels like negativity and terrible things come our way from so many different directions until it eventually breaks us.  That makes life hard.  You may not know how to use the fuel and power now from that negativity, but one day you will have the ability to help so many people through tough times.  You are not broken; you are beautiful. 

Do you have a cyber bullying story?

Yes I do.. I have had people pretend to be me, and it made me lose several of my friends.  Umm… I’ve had people threaten to kill me.  Several more I wish to not speak about.

Not cool.  Will this ever end?  Parents of small children, I’m talking to you.  Please, please, please start laying a foundation in your children to build others up instead of tearing them, if you’re not doing this already.  They have to know that their words and actions have serious repercussions.  Teens today have it coming from so many more angles than we did as teens.  We may not be able to change the world, but we can change ourselves.  And, change within us can propel a change in the world.     

Many teens are currently facing or have faced depression in their lives.  Is this true with you too?  Why or why not?
Yes, I have constant depression. Why?  There is a multiplicity of reasons.

How do you get through your dark times?

I just let them pass until the next one comes.

Give me positives about yourself and/or your life.

My boyfriend loves me, and I have good and bad days on my confidence levels.

Do you believe in God?  Why or why not?

I am a Deist.  Deism is the belief that God has created the universe but remains apart from it and permits his creation to administer itself through natural laws.  Deism thus rejects the supernatural aspects of religion, such as belief in revelation in the Bible and stresses the importance of ethical conduct.  I came to the concept by looking up religious aspects, and I accidentally pressed it.  I liked it so I started researching it, and I found myself to follow it.

What is your favorite quote?  Why is it important to you?

“In the years to come, you will discover that life is a harsh reality.” -me.

What is the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

I cried in school.

Don’t worry.  There are many times that I cried at school.  I think we are the only ones that remember it happening, not the people who see us doing it.  Remember, crying is not a weakness but an outlet for emotions.    

What is something that makes you laugh?

Being with my friends

What makes you cry?

Life, school, my family and friends

What annoys you?

People at school

What are your goals in life?

To be happy

Who inspires you?

Abraham Lincoln and Selena Perez

What do you want to be one day?

Originally an artist but they don’t make much so PCP

The good thing about art is that no matter what you do in life, it always remains in your back pocket.  Your creativity and talent never leave you, so don’t ever leave it!  It is a gift that is not given to everyone.  It makes you unique and special in ways that other people can’t be!

What is something you’ve always wanted/wanted to do but never had the chance?

Rekindle some relationships

If you could do one thing to help change our nation, what would it be and why?

Lower celebrity pay and build homeless shelters, because we sheild the good and expose and celebrate the bad.

What an awesome concept!  How much good could be done in the world if celebrities made an average amount of money like everyone else? Then the rest of that money could go to help people who actually need it.  You should start a movement!  I support it!

What is one thing you want the world to know about you?

I am a physiological, deep thinker.

Deep Purple…  that’s what makes you – you. 

What do you think society misunderstands about teenagers?


What do you want to say to bullies out there?

If I was president and you bullied someone, you will spend two days in jail, but if you made someone commit suicide that would be murder or attempted murder.

You know what?  You have some great thoughts, great ideas, and great words.  What if bullying did leave a blemish on your record for schools and future employers to see?  Just a thought.   

What advice would you give teens facing depression, anxiety, or bullying?

Life gets better, and I will understand you.

This is your free space.  Say anything you want.  Be completely open.

As you get older, you really start to understand more about why people drink the night away, smoke their lungs black, and throw themselves off buildings. You see why people cut and get to the point of explosion much quicker than others. What if we all looked the way we wanted? Our ideal weight will become reality. Our worries of financials washed away. Your love life exactly how you pictured it. Do you think we would all be happier? Or would we find a reason to hate that like we do a reality as it is now? What if one day all of our Prince Charming showed up at our door? I guarantee 90% of you will not answer your door. Why would that be? Because we see a flaw in all good things. We’ve gotten so used to the bad that it’s flawless and when we see something good we notice the differences and flaws. Some people cut. Why? Because they are one of those good things. And when the good things get hurt or even broken they become the bad.

She said she was a deep person, and she didn’t lie.  Deep isn’t bad.  Deep isn’t wrong.  Deep is good.  Deep is another way of being.  Deep Purple sees the world in a way that many of us can’t or refuse to.  She feels feelings that some of us have never and may not ever feel.  Without people like Deep Purple the world would be less dynamic and more mundane.  Walking around trying to be like someone else makes us lose sight of the person we truly are made to be.  Thank you so much Deep Purple for opening our eyes to a much deeper way of thinking and living.  You completely changed my day.  I’m sending my love to you today and all the other days you might need it.

Peace and Love,


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