Between Mountains


How awesome are the peaks in life?    When you’re on top of a mountain the sun shines brighter, the air is cleaner, and you are surrounded by the beauty you once saw from the bottom.  The thing is, to get to those peaks you have to climb there.  Climbing isn’t always easy.  You have to trek through paths that aren’t clear, you stumble and fall, and sometimes you get cut.  People may tell you that you’ll never make it.  It takes a long time to get there, but when you do; you appreciate the climb.  After, of course, making all the haters aware that you did it!  In yo face!   Kidding, because haters gonna hate regardless.  Just leave those thoughts behind, and savor the moment; this is your time.  Breathe it all in because you deserve it!  That feeling of being on top of the world is amazing though… Am I right?

The problem with peaks is that they don’t last forever.  Mountains are temporary.  Life isn’t a never ending climb to the top.  It also isn’t making it there and laying a permanent foundation.  See, you can’t take everything you need in one journey to live at the top of a mountain.  You can’t sustain yourself up there forever, no matter how bad you want to or how hard you try.  The weather will eventually get bad and unbearable, and it will force you down.  The journey down the mountain is much faster than the climb.  Sometimes, you even fall to the bottom, hitting rocks and boulders the whole way down.  You get there, dust yourself off, and think to yourself:  “How did I get here?  I was just literally on top of the world.  What happened?”  Life.  Life happened.  You’re welcome.

So, you’ve climbed up a mountain, and fallen back down into a valley.  Now what?  Well, you can choose to stay in that valley or you can prepare yourself for the next climb.  See, this time you’ve already got one mountain climbing notch in your belt; maybe you even earned a badge.  This time you know what to expect a little more than the last time.  You know the tools you need, and ones you didn’t take or use before that could be useful to you this time.  You can suit up better, layering your clothing (armor) strategically for different weather patterns that might come your way.    Pack a knife this time because you may need to take out a mountain goat when you get hungry.  Whoa…  Hold up.  I may have gone a little too far with that.  My bad.  The point is:  You’re stronger this time and with each climb and fall you grow even stronger.

Life isn’t always about the climb.  Sometimes it’s about the way we handle the fall and life in the valleys.  It’s easy to get hurt on the way down and settle in the valley forever.  You feel like you have more control because if you don’t climb another mountain, you can’t get hurt.  Valleys just aren’t as fun though.  Have you ever noticed that all the dust and pollutants naturally settle in valleys?  Given the chance would you rather plant your roots in a place where the runoff occurs or would you rather spend your life on a journey of ups and downs?  It’s a legit question.  Just remember, once you plant roots that makes it harder for you to mobilize later in life when you change your mind.  No matter which route you take, know that your attitude makes all the difference.  You may never know who you’ll encounter on your trek.  God may place someone in your path that can help you in some way, or you might be able to help someone else in a way you never anticipated.
I choose mountains, preferably ones by a beach.  Here’s to living between mountains and camping out but not planting roots!

Peace, Love, and Jesus,


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