Bold Luminary

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Now, onto the most important person of the day…  World… Meet Bold Luminary.  Bold Luminary, meet the worldWhat can I say about this girl?  Well, she kind of kicks butt in the teen scene, in my opinion.  I’ve heard her give a speech in front of a crowd, and I would hire her for all events…  ummmm… if I had events to hire for, that is…  She makes me smile every single time I see her.  She always greets me with a hug.  She is sarcastic and funny, and that’s a plus in my book.  My kids call her Martha, but that’s not her name.  I have the pleasure of doing this chick’s hair, and she is fearless in the risks she takes with it.  That is too cool to me.  In a world full of normalcy, she chooses to stand out, and I respect that.  I’ve got your back in this “normal world” that all of us weirdos live in.  We have to stick together!  Most of all Bold Luminary, is just that.  She is confident in her skin, and she carries herself like no other teen I know.  That’s refreshing to see these days.  I named her Bold Luminary for many reasons.  Here are the definitions for both words:

Definition of Bold:

  • Not hesitating or fearful in the face of actual or possible danger orrebuff;

Courageous and daring:

  • not hesitating to break the rules of propriety; forward; impudent:
  • necessitating courage and daring; challenging
  • beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative:
  • striking or conspicuous to the eye; flashy; showy

Definition of Luminary:

  • Aperson who enlightens or influences others

When I look at Bold Luminary or hear her talk, she is seemingly fearless.  I can picture her being in the face of danger, giving it finger motions and saying: “Bring it Punk!”  Now, as far as breaking the rules, I don’t think that is her jam.  Straight laced chick up in here!  She is most definitely courageous, in my eyes.  She is imaginative and goes beyond the conventional limits of daily life.  She is an “outside the box-er”, and pretty flashy when it comes to her hair.  Have I mentioned yet that I think that is super cool?  Whether she knows it or not, she most definitely has influence on others, and has the power to enlighten people out there.  She may already be enlightening people and just not know it.

All these girls have a special place in my heart, and I want the whole world to show them some love!  Let’s raise them up and help them shine their lights in this dark world!  Interview time…  Here goes:

Teen Life.  One Word. Go!


What’s your day like?

I get up every morning at the same time, walk to school from my house, talk to my friends while we wait for the bus, and then eventually load the bus to head for the high school.  I usually listen to music on the way there instead of talking because everyone is so loud that you can barely hear yourself think.  Once I arrive at school, my friends and I all get into our group and just chat about classes, some recent drama that came up (which I don’t want to be a part of), and some recent news like the ‘Dang Daniel’ vines.

I don’t know about Dang Daniel.  I suddenly feel old and uncool.  You’ll have to enlighten me…  then maybe I will be cooler…?  Maybe?

From “Dang Daniel” in the morning, I go to whichever class I have, depending on the day.  Nothing really happens until lunch.  I sit in the same place, at the same table, with whatever group of people I have lunch with.  Most of the time, it’s with a couple friends and sometimes one of my friend’s little sisters, who talks up a storm of gossip that I don’t take part in.  (Usually I’m complaining because someone took my seat, and I get pushed off to the side.)   My last class of the day is after lunch.  Then, I ride the bus back to where it drops me off, and I walk home.  I finish my homework, and then play video games. That’s basically my day.

What video games?  That’s what I want to know.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

I don’t remember the year, but it was Christmas day.  All of my family was together, my brother wasn’t struggling with recovery, my parents weren’t worried, and we were all happy.

If you could visit one country, which would it be and why?

Brazil, because of the different culture that I could take part in and experience.

What annoys you?

My Biology class, some of my friends, parents, and brothers.

Thanks for being honest!  Biology annoys you… Math annoys me.  We all have our specific annoyances.

What do you wish your parents did differently?

Nothing really.  My parents raise me the way I should be, and I wouldn’t change anything about them.

What is something you think your parents are awesome at?

I think my mom is awesome at being supportive, and when I need it she’s the best friend I could ever ask for.  I think my dad is awesome at telling me how it is.

If you could learn one thing at school that they don’t teach, what would it be?

How to actually live in the real world.

I think this should be a mandatory class in all public schools.  It is way more important than most things taught in school right now.

What is one thing you would like to say to your teachers?

I really don’t care about any of this, please teach me something I need to know about.

What is something you would like to say to your school?

You put bullying out there and say it’s not okay to do it, but you don’t take it seriously.

Why do you think people want to tear people down or make them feel small through words or actions?

Because they feel bad about themselves, so they have to make everyone else feel bad.

Understanding the reason why bullying happens is important.  Good job for recognizing it.  Now, seeing them through God’s eyes is the challenge.  That’s a hard thing to do when someone is causing hurt and pain in people’s lives that don’t ask for it or deserve it.  One thing is for sure, we never know what storm the bullies have been through in life.  We can’t know what they’re currently facing, but we can know that it must be bad enough to want to hurt others more than the hurt that they feel inside.  That’s a hard thing to comprehend.  What could you do to positively impact someone who has been labeled a “Bully”?

Have you ever been bullied?  If so, describe the situation.

I haven’t really been bullied in my eyes, but my friends considered it bullying. I just didn’t care when people made fun of my weight or the way I was dressed because I don’t need to care what anyone else says.

And that’s why you are a Bold Luminary!  You are confident in yourself and the person God made you to be.  Other people’s opinions don’t make your light dimmer.  You are an amazing person inside and out, and I hope you know that.

Have you ever been cyber bullied?  If so, describe the situation.

I have been cyber bullied and called a bible thumper because I’m a Christian.  Also, I have been called names like ugly, stupid, idiot, fat, and many more that I just can’t think of.  These people online, I thought were my friends, but somethings are too good to be true.

First off, being a Christian is a hard road.  It is not accepted by people the way you think it would be often times.  Keep strong in your faith.  No one can ever take that away from you.  It will never leave you when earthly people do.  It will never tear you down, people will.  It will never seek to destroy your happiness, people will.  The path to finding your true friends isn’t a smooth one.  Sometimes you have to make your own path, and the people who stay true to you are the keepers.  Illuminate that path boldly like only you can do.  Once you get to the end of it you will look back proudly on the work you’ve accomplished and smile.

Have you ever made fun of or bullied anyone before?

I haven’t bullied anyone, but I have made a few snide comments about some other people.  I try my best not to judge because it’s not my place to.

Do you gossip?

I do, but it’s basically to fit in with what people are all talking about.  I don’t want to stick out because I don’t take part in the gossip.

If you see someone being mistreated, gossiped about, or not being included, do you normally sit back and do nothing or do you take a stand?

I take a stand for the people I care about, but I also say things now for people I barely know.  I do that because of how some of my friends get treated.  I don’t want anyone else treated that way.

Do you believe in God?  Why or Why Not?

Yes, I do.  I believe that God sent Jesus down to be crucified and resurrected so that we could be forgiven of our sins, even if we don’t deserve it.

Have you ever been depressed?  If so, what brought it on?

Yes, because of friends feeling down, or things happening at home with my sibling or hard times with money.  I just felt lost and didn’t want to be happy, and I was content with being miserable.

Are you still battling depression?  If not, how did you get through it?

I am not currently depressed, because I had the help of friends and my boyfriend to get me out of the funk I was in.

Good job friends and boyfriend with helping Bold Luminary through her funk.

Does anything give you anxiety?  If so, what?

Tests, school work, sometimes youth group, my friends, my relationship, parents, siblings, a lot of things to be honest.

When you have problems to deal with or when something is bothering you do you :  Stuff them down until you don’t have to deal with them anymore, run from them, or stick it out no matter how hard or how much it hurts?

I resort to sticking it out no matter how much it hurts, continue my life, and just play some video games.

I still want to know what video games you play!

Have you ever experienced verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse?

Yes, verbal abuse

What is the worst thing you’ve ever gotten in trouble for?

At home- Not doing chores and/or lying.  At school- Not doing my homework or talking.

Sex… do you wait for marriage or do you feel like it’s that important to wait anymore?

I believe in waiting until marriage because I don’t think I should give away something so important just to anyone at any time.

Drugs and alcohol.  Tell me about what teens are doing these days.  What kind of drugs?  How often?

Most of the kids at my school like to party which means Beer and Weed. It’s pretty often that they do this kind of stuff, and I don’t believe in taking part in it because I’m totally against it all.  Nobody my age needs to be even drinking, let alone smoking weed.  It’s addictive and can ruin your life.

What makes you laugh?

My best friend and the stupidity we have when we are together.

What makes you cry?


Do you feel beautiful?

Most Definitely

You made me smile super big when I read this, because you are beautiful.  Every girl should feel beautiful.  Keep letting your soul shine, Bold Luminary!

What makes you feel beautiful?

My friends telling me, or when I look in the mirror I feel beautiful.  I notice that I look good in my eyes, and it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks.

YOU ROCK!!!  You have such a strong voice, and you can make other people feel beautiful too just by your words and personality.

What prevents you from feeling beautiful?

My insecurities and lack of confidence

Name one negative thing in your life.

No one understands how I feel.  I just sound like I’m always complaining when I’m trying to explain things.

Now, tell me three positive things about your life.

  • The building of my confidence •Youth Group •What God has blessed my family with

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever faced in your life?  How did you get through it?

Having to work through my own battles to let people go and know that God has got this.

Wow!  That sounds like such an adult thing.  I’m proud of you for recognizing and understanding the importance of this!

Who are you closest to?

My best friend

What is one thing you could change about your life to make it better?

My study habits

What is one thing you could do to make the world a better place?

Participate in bringing more people to Jesus.

What do you think is the best thing about you?

Being able to laugh at the end of every bad situation and continue going.

LOVE this!  Laughter is the best medicine sometimes, even when you don’t want to do it!

What makes you feel self-conscious?


What worldly cause are you passionate about?


What is one thing you cannot live without?

My phone

What are your hobbies?

Playing video games, and reading

What is something you’ve always wanted or wanted to do but never had the chance to get or do?

To go to Disney Land/World

Ummmm…  Can I go with you?  For real though.   I want to go!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A Nurse Practitioner

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

To be able to read everyone’s mind

How awesome would that be?

A genie grants you three wishes, what would they be?

1) To not have to worry about how much my grades will affect my entire life

2) To be able to relieve my parents of any money problems for the rest of their lives.

3) To be able to make it through college and make something of my life, unlike some people.

What is the weirdest thing about you?

Everything. I’d rather hang out with my parents than my friends.

Being normal is overrated!  Embrace your weirdness.  Life is much more fun that way!

What is one thing you want your parents to know about you?

I can do this, but sometimes I just need some time to myself.  I can’t handle everything that comes at me.  I do love you, but I’m hard headed like you guys.

What is one thing you want your friends to know about you?

I love all of you even when I’m being a butt to you.  It’s just how I am, and I don’t mean to be rude.

What is one thing you want the world to know about you?

I’m a human being too, who has problems just like you.  I’m not just another teenager, and we all make mistakes, just different ones.

Oh…  Don’t we though.  Mistakes, it’s how we learn.  We are all flawed and no one is immune to mistakes, no matter how “good” they are.

What do you think society misunderstands about teenagers?

That we are all the same when we’re not

What do you want to say to bullies out there?

Why do you do it?  People take serious actions because of you.  You’re so okay with making them feel that way, and when they stand up for themselves you start blaming it all on them.  It’s not their fault at all, it’s just yours.

What would you like to say to teens that struggle with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, abuse, or bullying?

People are here for you, and they love you. They’d hate to see anything happen to you, so please tell someone if you’re feeling down or something is happening to you.  We’re here to help you, and you don’t deserve to be treated this way.

Bold Luminary.  You deserve to walk around with a megaphone in your hand daily so everyone can hear the words you have to say.  Project that voice of yours.  Be heard.  Power up chick!

This is your free space.  Say anything you want.  Be completely open.

I’m a human.  But I’m in that stage of life where everything is just a phase, and because you have a boyfriend/girlfriend means you can’t also like the same gender as yourself.  I don’t understand these times and all the judgement in the world.  It is so not needed and we have no place to be judgmental towards others or anything similar.

Judgement hurts everyone.  I’ve been judged based on my past before.  That judgement, from Christians especially, did nothing positive for me.  It actually drew me further away from church and Christ.  Do all things in love people.  Love = Growth.

That’s another week in the books.  This week’s Teen Life message was brought to you by Bold Luminary.  You can find her rocking her awesome self around schools and churches near you.  Hug your teen tight tonight folks.  We never know how much time God will give us with them.  Thank you for always being a blessing in my life Bold Luminary, and a special thanks for participating in Teen Life.  We are touching lives one day at a time, and you played a huge part this week!

I ask each and every one of you reading to lift Bold Luminary and her family up in your prayers as they lost a very important family member this week.  Pray for strength, peace, and for God to wrap his arms around them and lift them up during this difficult time.  Thank you.

Peace, Love, and Jesus,


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