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Hey guys, it’s Robyn here.  I’m getting back to My Own Samaria’s roots and looking for a few people to Share Their Story.  Now, before you think to yourself:  “This is not me.”  IT IS YOU!  Everyone has a story no matter how big or small.  Don’t have it all together still?  Awesome, me either.  Don’t know everything you need to know about the Bible.  Cool, I’m right there with you.  What if you’re still in the “thick of” your struggle?  Perfect.  God meets us where we are.  Your life can be an encouragement to others no matter what you’ve been through or what you’re still facing.  Somewhere out there, there’s someone who has been where you have; and someone out there will be where you used to be.  Stories are for sharing.  Here are the questions I will ask, just so it’s not as intimidating to you to not know what to expect.  I get it.

Your Name



E-Mail Address:

Phone Number:


Spouse’s Name:

Kid’s Names:

Do I have your permission to post your Testimony on My Own Samaria (

Yes   /   No

Print Name:




What was your childhood like?




Did you grow up going to church?


What did you know about God and Jesus when you were a kid?




What were your teen years like?


When you were a teenager, where did you think God was then in regards to your lifestyle?



What is the hardest thing you’ve ever faced in your life?  Tell me everything you remember about it:  thoughts, smells, what you saw, and how you felt.






How did you get through it?




How long did it take you to move past it?


Do you still have issues today reflecting back on your struggles?  What are the issues?





How do you deal with those thoughts and insecurities today?




What was the thing or things that led you to Christ?




How did you know it was time to accept Him?




Did life get harder or easier after you became a Christian?  How?





What struggles did you have in life that drew you far from God?





What brought you back to Him?




What fuels you now?




How do you keep your relationship with Christ strong?




What has God done in your life since you’ve become more faithful in listening to and walking with Him?



As a Christian, what do you currently struggle with ?





What are your strengths?




What do you pray about most?




How do you incorporate God in your family life?




How do you teach your Kids about Him?




Who has been the most influential spiritual person in your life?  Why?




What annoys you about Christianity?




In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception about Christians?




What do you want to say to Christians out there who give Christianity a “bad name”?




What advice do you have for someone who is not a Christian?





What advice do you have for someone who is a Christian but has drifted from their faith?





What is your favorite Bible Verse, Song, or Bible Story?  Why?




This is your time.  Say anything you want.



If you would like to participate, I would greatly appreciate it!  Just email me at or Facebook Message me!  

Peace, Love, and Jesus 

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