Robservations PictureRobyn/Observations = Robservations.  You’re welcome.

Childhood Robservations:  I’d like to flashback to my view of “old people” as a child.  I grew up going to a Methodist church with my dad’s parents until I was in about 5th grade.  They seemed very old to me.  Old glasses, old hair, old clothes, old house smell, old man cologne, they were old.  They drove a big van, picked up all their grandkids, and hauled us to church.  They listened to old gospel music, and it drove us crazy.  My cousin, Christopher, and I made fun of them relentlessly.  They either didn’t hear us or didn’t care.  We would get to church where everyone there was old, but they brought their grandkids too.  So, we got to play a lot.  Basically, I was there for the play, communion bread, grape juice…oh, and the Brach’s caramels.  How could I forget those?  My grandparents would feed them to us one after another to keep us quiet in church.  Dad’s Parent’s Robservation:  Church = Old people, good bread, grape juice, and playing.  Old people = All around oldness, weird smells, terrible gospel music, and they LOVE JESUS… But, hey, they have candy.

5th Grade Robservations:  I started going to church with my mom’s parents when I was 11.  They were my favorite grandparents, by far.  They didn’t seem old to me, and they still don’t!  They were very active, sang a lot, traveled, had a pool, we just did a lot of fun stuff with them.  They went to a Baptist church.  It was a small church with all older people, but they didn’t seem nearly as old as the Methodist crowd.  Their preacher was loud. He screamed, and sweat, and you listened!  That’s where I was saved.  I liked going there, but there weren’t many kids.  My Poppa read a LOT of books about the Bible.  He loved reading, History, and Jesus.  My Granny played the piano and sang during church.  She loved Jesus too.  The difference between my dad’s parents and my mom’s parents were that my dad’s parents seemed really uncool and old and my mom’s parents seemed really cool and not old at all.  Their love for Jesus didn’t annoy me for some reason.  Robservation of my Granny and Poppa:  They somehow made loving Jesus a little cooler.  Robservation of the Baptist church:  Old people love Jesus, and they like being yelled at.

Teenage Robservations:  Pretty sure you didn’t want to know her, rough time for everyone involved.  Sorry about that.  So, Teenage Robyn HATED gospel music and made a LOT of fun of it and her parents for listening to it.  Teenage Robyn made everyone’s life a living HELL in the car because she didn’t want to listen to “Jesus Music”, (the car wasn’t the only place, but that’s all we’re gonna talk about right now… mmm…k?  Thanks.)  We stopped going to church when I was in about 7th grade.  I’m not sure why and it probably wouldn’t have changed my attitude any if we had kept going.  The only time I ever really went to church in High School was on holidays or with Jeremy every once in a while when we were 14, 15,16-ish.  We didn’t have church in mind when we went though.  Church was basically used as a ploy to see each other.  I know… not cool Robyn… not cool.  I told you… you didn’t want to know Teenage Robyn.  So, Teenage Robservation:  Pretend to be interested in church so I could make out with Jeremy.  And… last but not least… Old people love God because they have no other choice.  They are about to die, and they will see Him soon.  They want to get as close to Him as possible because they literally have nothing left to do but die.  Teenage Robyn was NOT a nice girl.

Current Day Robservation:  Jesus is the Son of God.  So, back in the day, it didn’t matter how old or young he was or how much time he had on his hands.  He was going to do his job no matter the struggle, and he was cool to the people who followed Him.  I feel like being able to go into the woods for 40 days and 40 nights would probably make anyone closer to God!  Obviously, Jesus didn’t have kids.  If I went into the woods for 40 days and 40 nights, they would call a search party or maybe just have a party at home because I’m gone.  Kidding… I hope.  Jesus could travel and spread the word with no strings attached.  He was effective in his work.  Can you imagine Jesus lugging around a family while trying to tell people about God?  I mean, he would have totally pulled it off by flipping his Beast Mode Jesus card, but I bet he would have had a harder time being as close to God as he was because of his “hypothetical kids”.

What I’m trying to get at here is this:  Kids slow you down.  Their needs make you unable to be as close to God when you’re a parent.  Older people and Jesus have lots of time to be close to God. That’s all I’ve got.  It doesn’t have to make sense because these are Robservations.  Those come from my brain and it’s just like a rubber band obstacle course up there with a lot of strobe lights to distract me.  Get some God in your life, even if your kids are crazy, take care of the older folks, and love Jesus people.  Oh, and if you knew Teenage Robyn…  She says she’s sorry for being a jerk.

Peace, Love, and Jesus,


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