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Teen Life is about to go down!  I’m pumped!  Drumroll Please…

The chick launching Teen Life is a beautiful soul, beautiful girl inside and out, unique, and has so much brightness inside her waiting to shine onto others.  She has already been through the fire at 13 years old, but her smile still lights up a room.  Since her name remains anonymous I will call her RockLight, because she is a Rock Star on the inside and a Beam of Light shining onto others on the outside!

The interview is below, and it is set up  Q&A style.  Answers by RockLight are in Purple.

What is Teen Life Like?

Being a teenager is okay, I guess.  Sometimes it’s hard dealing with other teenagers and parents also.  I would say it’s quite a big deal for anyone going through it.  There are many ups and downs, but I like it.

Teen Life.  One Word.  Go!


Describe your day in detail

Well, I wake up and, you know, get ready for school.  Then I go out to catch the bus.  When I get to school we usually wait in the gym for about 15 minutes.  When we head to first hour, I have science. After science, I have language arts.  For 3rd hour I have reading and 4th I have math.  After 4th we walk over to lunch.  I usually sit with 2-3 people.  We head back to 4th hour to grab our stuff, and then I head to 5th hour social studies.  Afterwards, I go outside to the band room for 6th hour. Lastly, 7th hour I have Project Lead the Way.  The bell rings, and I go home.  Usually, when I get home I go volunteer at my local gas station and then head home to do homework.  I eat dinner, take a shower, hang out with my dad, and then head to bed.

RockLight Volunteers!  Rock on!!!

What do you struggle with?

Anxiety mostly but sometimes depression too

What are the positives in your life?

My dad, family, and my 5 sweet nephews

What are the negatives in your life?

My birth mother, not being able to see my family, and the passing of relatives

What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to deal with?

The loss of my brother

Building on the question above, how did you get through that struggle?

Well, I never really did.  It still hurts to think about it, and it’s hard not to. But, my friend helps me.

Shout out to friends of RockLight!  Keep lifting each other up!

How many friends, true friends, would you say you have?


What’s the #1 thing you feel like your peers struggle with today?


Out of your friend circle, what is the hardest thing they’ve faced as a teenager?


Depression and Suicide are a huge issue among teenagers.  Have you ever struggled with depression?


Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?  Why?

Yes, because of many situations with my birth mother, the loss of my brother, and people at school making fun of me.

Do you know of anyone your age who struggles with depression or suicidal thoughts?


What do you think the solution to these struggles (Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, or any Teenage Hardships) are?

For Bullying to stop and to make sure teens are safe at home.

What is your relationship like with your parents?   Positive or Negative

With my dad positive, but with my birth mother negative

Explain why you chose the answer above

My dad and I have our ups and downs, but he loves and comforts me.  With my birth mother, there are rarely any ups.  Mostly downs.

What is something you would like your parents to know about you?

I’m sorry for pushing them away.

How do you think your relationship could grow with your parents?

By bonding with them more 

Do you believe in God? 


If Yes, what is your relationship with God like?

Good and strong

What makes you happy?

Seeing my family

What are your goals and ambitions?

To go to college, get my masters, and become a chef

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A Chef

RockLight, you can come cook for My Family anytime you want to!

What is your favorite song?

Hold On Till May by Pierce the Veil

What is your favorite band?

Pierce the Veil

Pierce the Veil Photo

What is your favorite movie?

You’re Next

What is something you would like everyone to know about you?

I love music

What do you feel like people think of you as a person?


Do you feel beautiful?  Yes/No


If no, why do you feel that way?

Because people tell me all the time that I’m not

*I just want to step in here on this serious note, RockLight, and tell you this:  You are beautiful!  You know why?  You believe in God.  God made you in His own image, and He doesn’t make mistakes.  All things are beautiful in God’s eyes.  The things that you think are the worst about you right now, those are the unique things God gave you to stand out in a Sea of Normal People.  Who wants to be normal anyway?  Find your weirdness and embrace it.  There’s only one You, and no matter what you think of yourself, God made you the way you are for a reason.  Plus…  I’ve seen you.  I know you.  You are so beautiful.  And those eyes though…  You haven’t even seen the power you posess.  The possibilities of lives you can change just by what you have been through…  You will do great things!*

How do you feel about yourself on a daily basis?

I feel bittersweet about myself

What do you do for fun?

Listen to music

What are your hobbies?


What is your favorite thing to do with your friends?

Going to the mall

What makes you laugh?

My dad

What makes you cry?

Thinking about deceased family members

Do you have a boyfriend?


What’s the worst thing that you’ve ever gotten in trouble for?

Getting detention in the 5th grade

What do you think people misunderstand about teenagers most?

What they are capable of.  We aren’t really little kids anymore.

 A genie grants you three wishes, what are your wishes?

  1. To have back all deceased family and friends
  2. To have a better mother
  3. To be liked by people at school

If you had the power to change the world, how would you change it?

By ending bullying and world discrimination against everyone.

If you had one superpower what would it be?

To fly

Have you ever been bullied?


Is bullying something that happens regularly at your school?


If so, how do you handle it?

I stand up for others, but it usually backfires on me

*Those people you stand up for now will always remember you standing up for them!  Those people who bully you and others right now won’t even remember what they said, did, or the negative impact they made.  Always be the bigger person because the legacy you leave will trump a bully’s legacy ANY DAY!  The backfires you see are the sparks that come from the Light you Shine!  Shine on Sister, and Keep Rocking the Light!*

How do you feel about gossip and how does it affect you?

I hate it, and it makes me mad and sad.

What/Who inspires you? 

My family, my friends, and the bands I listen to.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

My brothers and my dad

Who is the person you would most like to meet?  Why?

The lead singer of Pierce the Veil because when I was upset I could always listen to their music and feel better

What do you want to say to teens out there struggling?

To keep holding on, stay strong, and that in the end it will all be okay.  If it’s not okay, it isn’t the end. Everything isn’t always as bad as is seems. No matter how much some people deny it, it will get better.

You are wise beyond your years, RockLight.  We, as adults, could use those words DAILY!  You are an inspiration!

What do you want to say to adults out there reading this article?

Be the person your kids can’t wait to come home to.  Be the mom/dad that your kids will open up to without the fear of being judged.  Some parents don’t even know what’s going on in their kid’s life.  So, be there for them, even when they think they don’t need you.  Don’t judge them based on what they say or do. And, mostly be the parent(s) that would do anything to help them, comfort them, and make sure they’re safe.

RockLight Drops the Mic

In the space below write anything that is on your heart or mind.  Be completely open.  This is your time!

I feel bullying is a huge issue in today’s generation.  People can be so cruel, and words really do hurt.

So very true.  Bullying is awful, and I want nothing more than to see it end in my lifetime. RockLight, thank you so much for participating in the Launch of Teen Life!  I’ll be in contact with you in the future for other opportunities.

Here are some awesome resources: 

I found this really awesome website for teens regarding bullying.

It has so many awesome resources, teen engagement, real life stories, and so much more.  If you are a teen who is bullied, I encourage you to check this website out.  You can also connect with them on their Facebook page:

They have a Student Action Plan against Bullying.  Here is the link:

And here is their flyer with general info:


Thank you so much RockLight for Launching Teen Life!  Keep on rocking the world.

Peace, Love, and Jesus,


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