In Sickness and in Health (Somewhat Graphic)


Vows are real, but when the going gets tough sometimes their true meaning and significance gets rubbery.  Many times vows get bent and stretched to their limits.  We push and pull and give and take.  Marriage is like pulling taffy.  It’s so good but takes a lot of work.  It’s exciting in the beginning, but when you realize how much work it’s going to take to get the job done…  You’re like, was this really worth it?  It always is though.  Life without taffy would be sad and not so bright.  What I will say about my marriage is this:  Our taffy pulling experience is almost effortless.  There are bits and pieces that get hard sometimes, but we just keep pulling and get the job done.  The payoff is so sweet at the end of the day.  I love taffy, and I love my husband.

All that to get to this:  The dreaded stomach bug just ran rampant through the Shelbourne house.  It hit like a kill shot.  We were held hostage for 24 hours and then it was like:  “Peace out!”  Thank God it was staggered over a few days so we weren’t all sick at the same time.  It was by far the worst stomach sickness I’ve ever experienced.  If you’ve never passed out twice from puking…  I’m not sure you’ve ever experienced your worst sickness either.  I thought I had a seizure.  I bit my tongue, the whole side of my face hurt, I was sweating all over, and I woke up between the toilet and the wall.  That was only the first episode.  The next episode… episode… episode…  episode…  Hold up!  Hey!  Sorry, had to get my Dr. Dre on.  Anyway, the second time I passed out I was already in the floor, because I didn’t want to hit my head again.  So, laying there with a bowl beside me, I started in.  I was just lying on my side, passed out, while puking.  I choked on my vomit, but I didn’t die.  So that was a plus.  I know the imagery is so beautiful, right?  15 puke trips with an average of 7 pukes in each session = 105 Pukes.

The next morning my husband comes in the bedroom after getting himself ready for work and the kids ready for school.  He rubs my head, kisses me, and tells me that I am beautiful.  To that I said:  “I’m sorry I smell like curry.  I puked all over myself, laid on the dirty clothes (Even the towel you dried the dog off with last night after her bath.)”  He said:  I don’t smell anything.  I’m pretty sure he was lying, but it was still sweet.  And that, my folks, is love.  The dude loves me even when I smell like curry and wet dog.  And, of course, I told him that I loved him back.

The best part of it all, was when we were lying in bed, when I knew the sickness was setting in, he asked if I wanted him to rub me.  I said no, I can’t take any touches right now.  The blanket even makes me want to gag.  You know what he did in that moment?  He took my hand and prayed for me, out loud.  He thanked God for everything he does for us, thanked him for me, said he knows sickness happens but prayed for it to be short lived so I could get back to being the mom and woman God made me to be.  He said he was proud of me.  Then he ended the prayer.  I wanted to cry, not only because I knew that I was about to hurl, but because he is the sweetest and most thoughtful man I know.  And then I wondered how many husbands pray for their wives when they are sick, hand in hand, and out loud?  It’s honestly such a simple thing to do, but it’s just not a normal, routine thing.  It makes all the difference though.  It makes me trust my husband, and know that he turns to God for everything.  He has our best interest at heart and he loves me so much.  The bond it creates is so amazing.  Every single time he has prayed for me, it means more to me than he will ever know.  Husbands… try it.  You’ll be glad you did.

Today, I am feeling better.  God is the most ultimate.  My husband is a boss.  Dr. Dre still rocks my world.  And, and I just ate two corndogs from Sonic, Ugh. Double up. Ugh. Ugh, and didn’t puke.  The taffy pull this week was trying, but the vows stood their ground in sickness.  The world looks sweet and bright, and I don’t smell like curry anymore!

Husbands, pray with your wives.  Don’t know where to start?  This link gives great direction!

Wives, pray with your husbands.  This website has some awesome pics with prayer overlays!  Check them out.

Peace, Love, and Jesus,


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