Beauty in the Muck


We had a snowstorm last night and it’s still coming down. It’s cold out there people. The Blizzard’s in full effect. Microphone drop to run and find a blanket.

Snow Days as a Kid = Super Bomb Fun
Snow Days as an Adult = Netflix and Chill… Like for real Netflix and chill. Finishing TV Series like a boss with a baby attached to my chest near a fire, score. Don’t wanna be out in the snow. Don’t wanna come out of my blanket cocoon. I took pictures of the kids playing out there. We will make snow cream soon. Parenting duties… Check. As far as the snowman building goes… I don’t have the right clothes and shoes to get the job done, and that’s ok. God made me a summer baby through and through. They can build a snowman and they can sled all they want. I’ll watch from my blanket out the window. My heart will be just as full, and they will still have fun.

As an adult, pure hatred for snow filled my heart. It’s pretty, but it would make me mad. I would get almost depressed by it. A vacation in a place covered in snow made me want to cringe. Yuck. It’s so cold, and being cold is NOT fun!! Last year I was pregnant, and that amplified the hatred for it even more.

This year, something changed as winter approached. I prayed to see the beauty of snow through God’s eyes. It starts out so pure and magical. It’s a clean slate of beauty for everyone to see. Something happens, though, as time goes on. People walk all over it, cars drive and spill their chemicals onto it, and it becomes dirty. No one likes it anymore, it’s just an inconvenience. It’s no longer pure or beautiful. But, God still created it and thought it was good. He reveled in his masterpiece, and upon looking down on what it had become he became saddened. No one thought his creation was still beautiful. He could see what would come after the mess though. With a little time, the air will fill with warmth, flowers will bloom, and a new beauty will emerge. God will be pleased with his creation again.

That’s how we are too. He created us so pure, beautiful, and full of light and wonder. We were clean slates.  Little by little we became tainted by the world.  After so long we could no longer see or appreciate our beauty.  We only saw the filth.  The good news is that it only lasts for a season. Seasons are short. A new, beautiful, and exciting one is awaiting around the corner. Until it gets here, while you’re still trudging through the muck, ask him to show you the beauty of your current season (struggle) through his eyes. You’ll experience a whole new appreciation and a beauty you’ve never seen before.
I still don’t love the cold and snow. I’d rather appreciate it from inside, but I can definitely see God’s beauty out there. And, that gives me happiness.

4 thoughts on “Beauty in the Muck

  1. vercellonopace says:

    What a cool analogy. I grew up in the snow. I don’t like living in it but I do admire it’s beauty. Not sure I hate it as much as you indicated at the beginning, but dislike is a good adjective, However, the comparison of snow to ourselves and what happens after we are exposed to the world is good picture to help others see that God created us and even after the muck, He still sees the beauty and wonder of His creation. Awesome!

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  2. messagefromthefield says:

    Hi Robyn!
    Nice to meet you and Ireally enjoyed “beauty in the muck”.
    I passed through Paducah last weekend with my wife and daughter. My hometown is just down the road in Nashville TN. although I have not lived there for a long time.
    Thank you for following my blog, it is still always a thrill to me anytime someone does. Look forward to reading your blog and sharing the journey through writing.
    Cliff Craig

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