Why I Purple


Why I Purple:

I purple because I am a Child of God and he loves me red and yellow black and white.

I purple because of the stares. Because the most radiant smiles can penetrate the worst negativity.

I purple because it makes me a bright unstoppable light to others which is what He called me to be.

I purple because judgement can be wiped away by one person at a time.

I purple because it makes me approachable in a sea of people passing by and no one talking.

I purple because I am a hair stylist at a Faith Based Salon, and it can draw someone in who is weathering a terrible storm in their life.

I purple because it goes to show that it’s not only for young people who are rebelling. It’s expression.

I purple because my body is a temple and I’m only painting the outside. My inside remains pure.

I purple because some of the nicest people can have crazy hair, tattoos, and piercings. You just have to open your hearts and minds.

I purple because I am confident in who I am in Christ and want you to know you can be too.

Peace, Love, and Jesus

One thought on “Why I Purple

  1. Amanda says:

    I love this because it shows that you can be who you are and still love GOD and know that he loves you too! Many people shy away from Christianity because they see it as a restrictive and judgmental religion when it’s really a group of negative people. Thanks for sharing!


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