Decaf Water with a Side of Unsweet Meat…

Fasting Picture

Gag. Puke. Eye Roll. Sigh… Obviously water doesn’t have decaf, and most meets aren’t sweet. I realize that. Forgive me if I’m not with it today. I’m FASTING… In. Real. Life. So what if it’s just a partial fast? So what if I’m only on Day 2? I don’t feel partially pressurized. In fact, there’s so much pressure in my head, I think it might blow any second and take out a crop duster. Thank God it’s winter right now. I feel like the children’s lives would be in jeopardy if both their parents were full on fasting. No food, only water. Tiny baby legs look really tasty when you get hangry. Kidding… Kidding…

So, what does “partial” look like for the Shelbourne Fam? No Caffeine and No Sugar. Why? Because we are out of control, ok? I have been a Pepsi addict since I was 5 Months old. No joke. My parents put it in my bottle. There’s a video somewhere, evidence. I’m addicted. I drink it all day everyday and nothing else. What about the 8-10 glasses of water you’re supposed to drink a day? Psssshhhhh… Water? That dude and I, we aren’t tight. He’s been trying to be my BFF for like 32 years, and I’m like: “It’s never gonna work out between us. It’s not you, it’s me.” Caffeine headaches are no joke. I have 19 days left.

Is my husband that out of control too? Yeah. He is. He loves Chocolate. A. Lot. A whooooooole lot. If you were eating a piece of chocolate cake right now and had some icing left on your face, he wouldn’t point and tell you that you have something on your face. He would straight up lick it off for you, even if you didn’t want him to. Sorry. He is sugar and caffeine fasting too. He doesn’t drink much caffeine unless he gets a headache and I tell him: “Chug a Pepsi, it’ll get rid of it”. I’m his enabler. It works though.

Griffin – The Middle Child. He is… well… he’s a piece of work. All I can say is that it’s a good thing he is really cute. The kid is a loose cannon. He is an extreme sugar-holic. We ration it, but, he is the sneakiest human being on the planet. I’m convinced. I find sucker sticks all over the house. They’re in his bed, our bed, random places on the floor in the house, in my car, stuck to the back of the baby’s head, EVERYWHERE! The world is his trash can. No matter how hard we try, he is untamable. And, believe me, we try hard on the regular. He already failed on day one of fasting, by the way. He raided the Christmas stash and downed a Reese’s Christmas Tree, two Fruit Roll-Ups, and a sucker. Phoenix found the wrappers and informed us Griffin broke his fasting. To which Griffin announced: “I’m not fastening anymore.”

Phoenix – The Oldest. He is a piece of cake. Ughhhh… Cake. This fasting thing will be the easiest for him. He would literally eat fruits and veggies all day long. He’s not a huge fan of sweets and he doesn’t eat a lot of meat. We had a babysitter once that called mid-way through the night. I was worried something bad happened, but she was just calling to tell us that Phoenix didn’t want the pizza we ordered. He said: “They always make me eat junk, and I just want to eat salad and vegetables!” What? He’s into radishes right now and thinks we all should be too. Not happening, kid. Not happening.

Silas – The Baby. He is 6 Months Old. He has had chocolate, and suckers, and Pepsi. He isn’t addicted though. If we have anything to do with it he won’t be either. Grandparents and their evil plots. It’s their pay back I suppose. Well played. I think he will be the happiest faster of the crew.

Why fast ? We decided to do it and give God control over something we have no control over or discipline to do ourselves. We do it to grow closer to him and depend on him when we are weak. We do it for clarity. We do it to teach our children and others. We do it for a better life. We do it because prayer is important. We do it to put God first. We do it because Moses and Jesus did it, and is there any better reason really?

I may joke about the headaches and the trials that come with fasting, but it is truly meant to be a spiritual thing. I want to show people the importance and the struggle, not for self-glorification, but because it can be done by everyone no matter how hard or the type of fast you choose. I want people to grow closer to and turn to Him in their weakness. He can build us up like nothing else in the world can. It is important to do it with the right intentions. It is important to do it for Him. It is important because others may be able to see him doing work in us, and for him to do work we must be willing, receptive, and joyful. Maybe, just maybe, the next fast Jeremy and I do will be a Full Fast. Until then, our Partial Fast is in full effect. I pray that God is with us through it all, and that he gets ALL the glory.  I pray for it to be a beautiful journey.

Matthew 6:16-18 “And when you fast, do not look gloomy like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces that their fasting may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you fast, anoint your head and wash your face, that your fasting may not be seen by others but by your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”


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