You’re a Tool

But wait… there’s more?
“Not only do I have to read my Bible every day, but I also have to make life adjustments to put God first? What else? I have to pray for and be nice to people who’ve ticked me off… I have to talk to people who make me uncomfortable. I can’t judge people, and I have to stay humble. Really though, isn’t that enough? I thought becoming a Christian would make my life easier?”

Living a Christian life is far from easy. Some say it’s actually harder. We have great responsibility, but the payoff is beyond worth it. Earthly blessings and most importantly, Heaven.

“Why even bother being a Christian? My life is already hard enough. Why would I ever want to make it harder?”

The thing is that it’s a “rewarding harder”. God cleanses us from our sins and we turn from them, never looking back. He takes those old circumstances and turns them into a testimony to share. Those trials are used for good. He takes one thing from us, and we learn to live for Him. Once you have a fresh start you WANT to live for Him and you willingly do as he asks you to. The things he asks us to do aren’t always easy and are often way out of our comfort zones, but those “hard situations” he asks us to do make us stronger. And, our strength propels us to inspire others.

More = Evangelism.


What is Evangelism anyway? Publicly spreading the Christian Gospel.

Why? Because God told us to. Matthew 28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

Hold Up… I’m no preacher. I’m not qualified to baptize someone. Are you crazy?
Ummmm… We aren’t going to talk about that right now. But, I am gonna lay this down right here for you. Peter, Andrew, James, and John were all fishermen and Matthew was a tax collector. These people weren’t the most educated men, but God chose them to be disciples. Those are just 5 out of the 12 disciples. The rest of the disciple’s jobs are unknown. There is a possibility though that one of the dudes was “of royal blood”, Bartholomew Nathanael. So, let me ask you this? What qualifications did they possess to baptize people? None to the naked eye, but to God they held the future of the world in their hands. Too Cool. God is The Man. Mad Props and LL Cool J Finger kisses up to the sky to you God! Thank you for allowing us “common people” to do your work.

Ok, so you’re down with G.O.D., now what? You’re a Christian. Your job is to tell people about Him. How? What’s Your Story Morning Glory? You’ve more than likely been through a difficult period where you turned to God in your “Storm” and he pulled you to shore and into safety. That’s where you start. Not everyone can go or is called to go to Seminary School, and not everyone needs to. Your testimony is the most powerful thing you possess. Use it! No one can argue with life events, especially if those people watched your spiral down and rebuild.

“But I want to have the answers for people when they ask me questions. I don’t want to seem stupid to people I’m witnessing to while I’m trying to convince them to become a Christian.” The problem with that is that you can spend your lifetime trying to gain Biblical knowledge and die holding your Bible. If you don’t open your mouth, people will not hear the Word. God said GO, not sit. Here’s what you do: Pray for God to use you and your story for His Glory. Pray that his Will be done. Pray that he makes your thoughts and words His own. Pray that he sends you the people to reach and then let him do the rest of the work. God will get you to the person, and he will also see you through the situation. Trust. It’s not our jobs as Christians to “win” souls. We do God’s work, and He “wins souls”. That’s his job. We are his tool. If they have questions you can’t answer. Lead them to an elder in your church. Take them to church with you and get them with your Preacher. Tell them you don’t know the answer right off the top of your head, but you can do some research and find out. But, make sure you tell them How God has worked in your life and the difference it has made.

If you really NEED a plan to go into the situation with:

Roman's Road Picture

Roman’s Road won’t steer you wrong. That is a clear cut path to Salvation. Study that.

Need a Visual Reminder?

Roman's Road Text

You never thought being a tool could be so cool right. Just be the hammer and God will be the force to get the nail exactly where it needs to be.


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